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Party Buses Phoenix offers instant price quotes via phone and you can also get a fast one (though not quite instant!) via email too. We work with all of our customers to come up with a party bus travel plan that will work with their budget, from choosing the right size party bus with all the right features to picking a date and time that will save you the most money. We've got all kinds of customers with varying styles and budgets. Our staff has absolutely no problem bending to your whims and making your party the greatest that it can possibly be. We'll tell you about a few typical scenarios to give you an idea of how Party Buses Phoenix's pricing structure works.

  • Instant price quotes via phone
  • Quick price quotes via email
  • We can work with any budget
  • Smaller buses = cheaper prices
  • Larger buses = more luxury
  • Mon-Thurs are less expensive
  • Weekends and holidays cost more
  • Plenty of features no matter your budget
  • Extra perks that won't cost a dime
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Pricing Policies

Party Buses Phoenix has many customers who like to save money wherever they can. There are very few people in today's economy who don't like to do that! If you find yourself in this category, we can save the most money for you by choosing the right size party bus for your number of travelers (e.g., not choosing a 30-passenger party bus if you're only expecting 16 guests) and guiding you to choose a weekday (Mon-Thurs) for your trip during a non-holiday season if at all possible. Those are just two of the ways that Party Buses Phoenix can save you money, but they'll make a big impact on your total bill.

If your wallet is healthy and you're not worried about the size of the bus or the day of the week, you can choose very simply based on the number of guests, the desired features (HDTVs, DVD players, audio systems, leather seats, etc.), and the date and time of your event. For you, the booking process will be perhaps the fastest and least complicated of all of our customers. You can rest assured knowing that you'll have a wonderful time on the road with all of our standard features, and in the case of Party Buses Phoenix, standard means exceptional!

For the partygoers out there who have money to burn and aren't afraid to show it, Party Buses Phoenix can really put the pedal to the metal, so to speak, in making sure that you have an absolutely unforgettable time with us. The special perks that we might include in this category are the extras that come along with our wedding package, the ability to skip the lines at clubs, to waive the club's cover charge, and to head right into the club's VIP area upon arrival, among other things! Truly, these are simply the perks of traveling with Party Buses Phoenix, and you won't have to shell out any extra for the latter three! Just ask.

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