Party Buses Phoenix

Here are a few quick Q&A's put together from the questions that Party Buses Phoenix receives most often from our customers.

What sets Party Buses Phoenix vehicles apart from other party buses?

Multiple HDTVs, high quality audio systems, and even slot machines, just for starters!

What kinds of vehicles do you currently feature?

Right now, we feature an array of party buses as well as several Hummer limos!

What kind of drivers do you hire?

Only pro chauffeurs who are CDL licensed with clean driving records.

How many guests can fit in one of your vehicles?

We have a range of vehicles with different levels of accommodation. Generally 16-30.

Can we drink in your party buses?

Of course! There are built-in wet bars with coolers and cup holders too.

Is smoking allowed too?

To keep our buses as fresh as possible, we do not allow smoking at any time.

Can we bring our own CDs?

Not only that, but you can bring your MP3 player or smartphone to stream songs.

Can we play our own DVDs too?

Yes! Many bring movies and music videos but home videos on DVD are nice too!

Do your buses have private VIP areas?

Some of our buses do. If you require this, be sure to ask when you call!

Do your buses really have slot machines on them?

Some do! Again, if you're interested in a particular feature, just ask us.


  • Tons of features in every single bus
  • HDTVs w/ DVD players
  • High quality audio systems
  • Slot machines
  • Many party buses and Hummer limos too
  • Pro chauffeurs, CDL licensed, clean records
  • Can fit 16-30 guests in a vehicle
  • Alcoholic beverages are allowed
  • Smoking is not allowed
  • Bring CDs and DVDs with you
  • Private VIP areas
  • Transportation for all types of events
Can our guests be under 21?

Only if there is no alcohol on board.

Do you provide transportation for corporate events?

Yes, we handle many business meetings, lunches, conventions, and more.

What about school trips, children's events, sweet 16 parties, and teen proms?

Yes to all of the above! It's the safest and smartest travel option for your kids.

Do you offer special wedding packages?

We do! Champagne, decor, and special savings! Ask about it when you call.

Where can we contact you?

Simply click here!

Call now to reserve your ideal bus for your ideal date! Contact Page.

If still are left with any questions, concerns, inquiries, qualms, or any other synonym you desire, feel free to reach out and contact one of our top notch customer service agents. They will be more than happy to walk you through the process step by step and answer any questions you have.

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